Saturday, February 16, 2008

Suits Me to a 'T'

Simple red and white tulips in a vase on our table greeted me when I got home from work on Valentines Day. He couldn't have chosen better! How I yearn for the tulips in my garden to appear. This Valentine bouquet helps to tide me over.

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Diana said...

Aren't they gorgeous? I got 3 lovely plants: one indigenous to Wisconsin orchid (a pink lady slipper), an exotic orchid, and a jasmine, all lovely and costing less than half of the typical dozen red roses. The tulips would have sent me over the moon, too. This morning, I realized that in a month, I can realistically go searching for bulb noses coming up and in 2 months, everything will be a riot of blooms and the trees will be covered with new leaves.

Just a few more weeks. Meanwhile, there's another winter storm today. The freezing rain that's currently falling will give way to heavy snow in a few hours. Joy.