Sunday, February 24, 2008

Through The Garden Window

Green Thumb Sunday

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Gardeners, Plant and Nature lovers can join in every Sunday, visit As the Garden Grows for more information. The two geraniums I dragged inside for the winter are doing just lovely. Every time I take them down from the window to water, the pungent smell of their leaves greets my nose and reminds me of summer. When I bought these geraniums it was because I liked the pink flowers and how they contrasted with the burgundy stems. Since bringing them in for the winter the stems have turned green. I wonder if they will go back to burgundy when I put them outside.


No Rain said...

It seems like younger plants have the burgandy stems, and as they get older, they green up. At least that's been my observation. If they turn burgandy in the sunlight, let me know. Should be interesting! Happy GTS,

g_mirage said...

Geraniums are related to pelargoniums right? Or confusingly the flower can be called by both. I always buy the ones with red blooms, glad that yours made it through. I'd love to see more soon!

barbara said...

How nice to have indoor geraniums in winter.

Teresa said...

Yup, pelargoniums and geraniums = same thing.

WiseAcre said...

I checked and the ones my wife brought in are now in a state of "permanent dormancy" (kris at Blithewold termed the phrase)

No wonder I call our house the "Litle Shop of Horrors"

Diana said...

Just looking through your window I can smell the spring.