Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Like the T-shirt? I do! The idea of taking my picture in front of the TV was to capture the inauguration and possibly Barack Obama but that was not to be; oh well at least his likeness is on my shirt, and there is no mistaking the date! The student body of our school watched the swearing in of Barack Obama as 44th President on the big screen in our performance center. We were a respectful crowd and everyone clapped heartily at all the right places. Teachers were given the option to stay and hear the new President's speech with their class but I could see 'ants in the pants' of more than one of my young students so we headed back to the classroom to read Time For Kids which was appropriate because it was all about the white house. I appreciated his speech much more when I could watch it in the peace and quiet of an empty classroom when the kids went out to lunch recess. There are many lines from his speech that will be quoted in the newspapers but this is one that reached out to me: "as the world grows smaller our common humanity shall reveal itself." As peace is sought in so many corners of our world, I do hope that is true.


Roger said...

I was unable to do my usual Solstice planting in my garden this year due to the cold and snow. So I waited and planted my Solstice Plant on Inauguration Day.

Anonymous said...

Love the t-shirt! I watched the inauguration most all day. Such an emotional day.


Mrs4444 said...

Terri,I am SO glad you found me!!! I'll be baaaack! :)

Rosemary said...

Wishing you and the US all the best with your new President.
Was a very moving ceremony.