Monday, January 19, 2009

Morning Fog ....

and then plenty of blue skies made for a perfect day three of this holiday weekend. This morning I went for a walk around Green Lake with my friend Christine and we talked teacher talk and gave family updates and commented on the many various dogs that were out walking with their people. The air quality may not be the best but everyone was taking time to go outside today and soak up the sun. We ate brunch at Julia's in Wallingford after our walk. This is a restaurant that has been a favorite of ours since the '80s. I had the Hobo Breakfast of scrambled eggs, potatoes, green peppers, crumbled bacon, and tomatoes and rye toast on the side. Christine had the vegetable scramble. It was a full meal deal for both of us.

On my way home I stopped at Mee Kwa Mooks and took this picture of a barge headed to the south Sound with the Olympics in the background.

Later in the afternoon the DH and I did a mock run of his bus route along Alki and the beach was busy with people lounging, walking, running and skating. We stopped, bought ourselves a Tullys and lolled about for a while appreciating the Seattle skyline with Mt. Baker and the Cascades on the horizon. No camera this time, but it was lovely.

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Rosemary said...

This sounds like a wonderful day.
Love the barge picture with the mountains in the background.