Saturday, January 17, 2009

The Sun...

broke through the clouds at about this afternoon. What a treat! It had been so very long since we had any appreciable blue sky around here. I really enjoyed the two hours of pruning and puttering in my gardens. The hellebore are raising their white and mauve buds up from the wet and humousy floor of my shade gardens, snowdrops are green shards poking up along the front walk, and the hazel nut tree is loaded with catkins that look like plump yellow caterpillars. Lots of growth all around but I do think the snow and cold weather killed the tall dracenas, those palm-like plants that are on either side of the stairs to the lower gardens.

In the classroom, the days just flew by. They are reading and writing so much more and they sang energetically and with big smiles for the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. assembly. The little boy I wrote about last week managed to stay in the room except for two incidents which is an improvement over last week. The Sp. Ed. supervisor came to observe him and next week we meet to discuss her observations and suggestions for a plan to get him closer to involvement in the learning that is going on in the classroom. He'll help count the lunch tickets or he likes to hold my pencil pointers and help me lead the class in reading the morning message, he colors if I color with him, he is able to write his name but for some reason he has refused to do so since the week after Thanksgiving, he wants to be my helper, he organized my pens at the document camera and on Friday he asked if he could
clean the sponges after lunch. He is sweet, so sweet; laying in the window corner on the pillows, feet in the air, saying "teacher, teacher, teacher!" but not really looking at me. I say "Yes?" He says, "I love you." and my heart jumps. This is the same boy that throws things, kicks tables, and wrecks havoc, all in the blink of an eye. He IS a challenge and a puzzle. I want so badly to make school more successful for him.

The DH is now a bona fide bus driver. He passed his CDL (Commercial Driver's License)on Wednesday. He drove his route alongside an experienced driver, picking up passengers for the first time today. He ran over a couple 'turtles'(traffic dots) and maybe one curb. He will be up at 4:30 in the morning to do the same thing tomorrow. He will be glad when he is on his assigned afternoon rush hour shift. I enjoy when he comes home; hearing about all he has learned, the people he has met. Just the confidence and enthusiasm he has for this new job is refreshing for both of us.


Barbara said...

Glad the sun came out. We all need that this time of year...our shot of vitamin D.
I think it is one of the reasons I couldn't leave Arizona even though I miss some things about my beloved East Coast... My body loves the sunlight more!!
Sounds like you are making some progress with your little guy in class... My heart goes out to you..I had a fellow about 3 years back who witnessed his father taking a baseball bat to his entire house (TV, china cabinet, table, dishes.) and then the mom pushed him out the bedroom window to go get help... he was only 5 years old... His anger was unreal. He grew to love being in the classroom with us (he felt safe there) but whenever he left to go to a special he would take off. He is no longer at our school and I still think about him all the time. Where do these kids end up after they leave us???
Do you wonder about that too??
So glad the “bus driver” is having a good experience!!!
It is a whole new chapter in our lives when our husbands change directions ...glad to hear it is a positive one. So far ours has been too. Every morning we thank the Lord for our family and OUR JOBS! In this economy it is truly a blessing to WORK:)
On another note…When I go to school on Tuesday I will E-mail you the Crown stuff!
I have used stickers in past years…but this year I just wanted this younger group to get the concept of 10’s…and 10 10’s being 100. Look at my Kinder blog for a post about our day. The Fruit Loop necklaces were the best at teaching that…
It was a really fun Friday.
Sorry this is so long…
Have a Great Sunday and ENJOY your day off on Monday!
Hope the Sun shines:)
Fondly, B.

Rosemary said...

Happy for the little boy and DH!

Teresa said...

Oh yes! The ones who are victims of violence are forever in our hearts and minds. But as far as we know this
little boy is not in that category; so why the sudden temper? He truly is a mystery. We do the fruit loop necklaces every year. Doesn't the room smell like a candy factory as they are stringing away? Thank you for your lengthy response!

Anonymous said...

It's so good to hear that Chris really enjoys his change in vocations. Sounds exciting. We will have a ride this summer, MAYBE.