Sunday, November 16, 2008

As for the food...

it was a unique experience too! This is Soon Du Boo (also Sundubu), Spicy Korean Tofu Soup. I had the vegetable tofu version, others had pork or beef. I have looked up the recipe and it is too involved for me to tackle. The bowl is a bubbling cauldron that comes to your table and the eggs are raw; you crack them into the soup and they cook instantly. The other dishes are kim chee, pickles, and other spicy vegetables to add as you go. Now that there is a BCD Tofu House in neighboring Kent I may get my fill of this Korean comfort food. The only thing I did not like about this meal was the stainless steel chopsticks; they were way too challenging for me and I think I am pretty competent with wooden chopsticks (for a white lady).

Other food I will remember with longing: the Koren frozen yogurt we had at Pinkberry. This is nothing like the American version of frozen yogurt. It is more tart and yogurty tasting and the stores are only in California and New York. The meal I will lust after most of all is Armenian Chicken. It is delicious beyond belief. I think Kim and Arthur bought it at Zankou. The garlic paste, the creamy hummus, the tender rotisserie chicken or maybe it was just how ravenous I was that night, but Armenian Chicken is a delectable dinner not to be missed.

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