Tuesday, November 04, 2008


I just know my daughter is kicking herself for being in far off Tunisia instead of in Chicago at Grant Park. It is so exciting to be an American right now! It looks like the dream is becoming a reality and anyone can become president. I hear fireworks in the neighborhood! Obama is the SOMEBODY who has brought this change around and I am proud to have been his supporter since day one!


Roger said...

Sometimes we get it right.

I'm sure AnnaRae is in Grant Park tonight. I'm there. And you are too.

What a great day!

Teresa said...

Well, she was there in spirit! Check out how she spent election night at a Ramada in Tunisia on her site:

Anonymous said...

Wow, wasn't it interesting to read AR's blog. I'm sure you read my comment as to where we were. We hit the radio button as soon as we hit the car and let out a big OBAMA!!