Monday, November 10, 2008

Soaking Up Vitamin D

Instead of getting soaking wet in soggy Seattle we are on vacation in Los Angeles, soaking up the rays. I didn't think I needed a vacation this early in the school year. I must confess I am enjoying the warm weather much more than I thought I would.
Here I am with Kim our friend and hostess extraordinaire at Huntington Gardens which is an awesome place with gardens, galleries, and a library. We saw only a fraction of everything inside of our three hours there. The plant life couldn't be more different than that of the Pacific Northwest. If you want to see more of the gardens go here to see my slideshow.


Lynn said...

We were wondering how you were enjoying your vacation....glad to hear it is lovely!

Anonymous said...

We thought about you this weekkend and after looking at the pictures now I'm sure you were in 7th heaven! BEAUTIFUL!