Friday, November 28, 2008

A Four Day Weekend

I love Thanksgiving. Yes it is a bit of work to get the house cleaned and all the shopping and cooking done. But then there we are sitting at a table with an astonishing variety of food. It is delicious on Thursday and even better as left overs on Friday and Saturday. Valerie brought the bird; don't let the odd oblong shape fool you, it was very moist and tasty. It was an organic free range turkey from Whistling Train Farm.

Two new favorite dishes this year: Valerie's quince jelly on Manchego cheese made for a delectable appetizer that was a pretty display of pink and white on a plate. The quince were from their tree. I made a grape salad that was very easy: red and green grapes and a dressing of softened cream cheese and sour cream and sugar, garnished with brown sugar and toasted pecans. It was a refreshing change on the traditional fruit with whipped cream salad.

The 'kids' are growing! Lindsey has her driver's permit, next year she will be their designated driver.

Galen has a crummy cold, although you wouldn't know it by the smile on his face. Maybe the smile is because he won the dominoes game.

We talked to our daughter in Tunis via Skype. She was getting home from her Thanksgiving dinner at a hotel hosted by the directors of the OSU program which she attends. She said the dinner was ok but the mashed potatoes were like glue. Her host family's house was a jumble of conversations, probably in three languages. These Skype calls are still such a treat for us. There's our girl, on the other side of the world and we are talking to her and seeing her in live time. When I was her age and lived in San Francisco and my family was back in Wisconsin we talked every other week if that and I set the timer for ten minutes because to talk any longer would be too expensive. I looked forward to weekly letters(USPS NOT internet) from my mom and sometimes dad or my younger sisters. I would read and reread those letters 'till the next one came. I suppose everyone says "It's a whole new world." as they age, and I guess now it is my turn. So I give thanks for the ability to look back and smile and marvel. Life is good.

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