Sunday, November 02, 2008

Garden Paparazzi

On my Saturday runs I am often slowed down by the landscaping that beckons from the curb. I have wanted, for some time now, to have pictures of the plantings that inspire me. So Saturday I did just that. I hopped in the car and retraced my morning run. I felt a little like a paparazzi since I do not know the gardeners who created these admirable plantings, but I suspect they would see my photo snapping as a compliment. I'm thinking I will add to this slide show as the seasons change, creating kind of an online idea book for myself. The house on the northeast corner of SW Cambridge and 25th SW is hard to see behind all the foliage. They are fearless in their selections, choosing rugosas and grasses that could easily run rampant. High up in the vine on the telephone pole you see a sign (I almost missed it.) for a landscaping design company. So I guess they had some professional know how. Then, further south, defying the sometimes rogue image of White Center there is this tidy red ranch house with the loveliest combinations of tall and squat, lime green, dark green, and a sprinkling of burgundy. How I admire the restraint they show in limiting the variety of plants and trees, creating beauty within order and simplicity.

Two days to the BIG day! My vote is in the mail. I have not taken time to talk politics on my blog, I'm just too busy. Besides which there are more than enough good political journalists out there. My favorite daily pacifier throughout this campaign has been reading GO OBAMA!

Well, the Packer/Titan game is too stressful for me, so I think I will go outside and become blissfully unaware of the score as I garden for a bit. I have a rose mallow (Hibiscus moscheustos)to dig up and after all of the rain from last night the ground will be plenty workable.

Three hours later and the football game is over. They lost narrowly, in overtime. I did dig up that rose mallow and put it into a pot. If it survives I may sell it in a plant sale this coming spring (an idea that is germinating).

I worked in the rain and the sun then the rain again. It is not too cold though so it didn't bother me one way or another if I was getting wet or not. There is increasingly less color on the trees and more color on the ground. It's not quite time to rake though.

Our daughter used to climb this Japanese Maple that is next to our driveway. As a 4 year old she could be completely hidden in it's branches. I often worried that she would jump out at the wrong time and I would back over her with the car. She says I worry too much, that I never have given her the benefit of considering that she might have common sense. This week she will be traveling in the Sahara, off the beaten path in southern Tunisia. She will also be turning 21! Am I worried? Yes; this time about bus plunges and dessert pirates.

The Asian pear tree has a growing puddle of golden leaves at the base of it's narrow trunk.


Lynn said...

I liked all the garden ideas. I drew up a plan of things to move in my garden. Now I just need to get at it. This would be the week to do it; 74* tomorrow!
I wish I had done absentee voting. I will let you know how long I wait!


Teresa said...

That is smart; drawing up a plan. Over the summer I have made mental notes of what I should move but that is NOT the dependable way to do it. I know there is much I am forgetting.

Just rain and rain in our forecast. I could smell the worms (like an old bait can) this morning on my run.