Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Friends in Topanga

Kim was very brave and gracious. She loaned us her car to drive to Topanga to visit Rich and Lynn. Chris has known Rich since junior high. Here the guys are on Rich and Lynn's deck overlooking the foothills of Topanga. Their landscaping is an eclectic combination of succulents, cactus, fruit trees and a pond. They get lots and lots of hummingbirds. They go through a quart of sugar water a day at this time of year.

The pond:



Not pictured are the lemons, figs and grapefruit; three of which we are taking home.

Almost directly across the road from their house is Topanga National Park and this trail which we hiked:

Dry mustard plants against a beautiful blue sky:

If you click on the photo to see it full size you can see the Pacific Ocean in the distance between the hills.

The striations in the sides of the rocks showed millions of years of shifting; nothing horizontal,it was all diagonals, I suppose as a result of earthquakes.


Lynn said...

those look just like the pomegranates I almost bought at the grocery store. How cool to have them in your yard. I know I would love the fresh fruits and veggies from sunny CAL. Your get away sounds like you did it all. I enjoyed the photos.

Lynn said...
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Barbara said...

Beautiful pictures...
I always come to your blog when I want to remember what lush gardens look like..I miss that about back east!
But...I do love my desert...
for reasons I am not sure I know.
Looks like a fun trip to LA.. what was the fresh spring...where does that water go? Can they drink it?...very cool.

Teresa said...

Barbara, they can't drink the water.
At this time it is just a pleasant visual feature. They did have a pump at one time so they could water their grass (what little they have) but the pump broke. It is actually a challenging place for planting because the soil is very clay-like.