Saturday, November 15, 2008

L.A. Sunset

We went up to Forest Lawn Cemetery to see a Tiki show at a gallery on the grounds. I know, sounded weird to me too; "Art gallery at a cemetery?" But the show was great! Sorry, no pictures allowed. When we came out there was this gorgeous sunset starting. It is one of my favorite photos from this trip; probably because of the vertical palm trees punctuating the horizon.


Barbara said...

Your trip looked like a lot of fun.
It gives home a "new perspective" to go away..doesn't it??
The beach picture was great I could "feel" the winds and the biting and stinging of the sand:)
Now enjoy your renewal in the classroom...hehehe
Next mile marker.. . Thanksgiving!!!
Fondly, Barbara

Rosemary said...

Beautiful sunset

Anonymous said...

Yummy Thanksgiving dinner! By all indications you certainly enjoyed a well deserved vacation in Calif.