Saturday, November 15, 2008


We're back in Seattle and the furnace is humming away but I still have photos to share from our weekend in CA. Lynn and Rich drove us down to Malibu for lunch. Whodathunk; two 'cut ups' from Miss Stanfield's West H.S. Theater Class in Green Bay, WI would end up having lunch in Malibu. I had the Ahi tuna sandwich and Chris had fish and chips; very tasty and you couldn't beat the view from the patio!

I am sure it is not this vacant in summer.

Volleyball, anyone?

The 40 mile per hour winds kept all the 'Baywatch Babe' types away; much to Chris' disappointment.

This is certainly the most unflattering photo of us you might ever see. Just as Lynn clicked the shutter a big gust of sand hit us in the face. There was sand in my teeth, ears and down to the roots of my hair. Good thing we had sunglasses on.

Recognize this rock? It has been in several movies. This is Zuma Beach. If you enlarge the photo you can see a rock climber getting ready to rappel down the front face. There was a guy on the shady side too but I don't know if he is in this photo.

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