Sunday, April 27, 2008

And Today

And today I went to Florabundance, the BIG plant sale put on by the Arboretum Society. I went with my good friend Christine who is at least as avid about gardening as I am. We get great inspiration from each other. So I spent a wad of money....I will not even tell you the amount. But remember, I have not bought a single solitary plant by mail order this season. Also, I am still in the process of rejuvenating our front gardens.
So, justifiable expenses, right? This is the plant that, while not the most expensive, it got the most comments and inquiries of "Which stall did you find that one at?" then I had to deliver the sad news, "Sorry it was the last one on the table." Inside I was smiling, knowing I had a 'find'. This is it; an epimedium called BullsEye.

I bought a total of 17 plants, the most pricey being a Rhododendron Pachysanthum which I bought for its silvery blue gray foliage, and a Variegated Sambucus Nigra (elderberry) called Madonna along with the more ordinary tomato and pepper plants.
Now the rain is pit pattering away and that is good for all the new plants I managed to put into place and it will fill the upper rain barrel which is currently empty. The husband leveled it today so perhaps the overflow will even make it into the second barrel.


Ladynred said...

Wow! that's a lot of plants you bought today. I hope to see them in your garden. The plant looks nice.

MamaGeph said...

Have you ever bought anything from Raintree down south? The selection looks marvelous but I've never ordered from them before...

You have such a lovely garden. It must be a very serene place to be.

Diana said...

Bravo! Great job! The more plants the merrier. My favorite Mother's Day gift is when I get a trunk full of plants and the day to plant them.

Anonymous said...

Flowers are gorgeous. Your dad must get on here and look. He will love them.