Sunday, April 20, 2008

Tulips on the Table

Mostly I like to appreciate my flowers in their growing state. But every now and then I feel flush with the multitude of blooms and then I will pick a bouquet for myself. That is what I did today.

Here is a list of what I bought at the NPA sale:
Salvia Argentea (a lovely apricot colored salvia)
Saruma Henryi
Epimedium Black Seas
Jack in the Pulpit (I do not need another Arisaema but I bought this one because the price was right and this plant has sentimental value to me.)
Agastache Auarantiaca (Orange Hummingbird Mint)
Syphytum officiale American Flag (Comfrey)
Vancouveria Hexandra(Inside-out Flower)
a Red Leaved Geranium
It was a chilly 40 degrees when I left the plant sale and a snow/hail mix was coming down! I was happy to see drier conditions only 20 minutes away at home in West Seattle. So I bundled up and planted my new 'finds'. Strangely enough, the soil in my pots felt warmer to my hands than the air.


Cheryl said...

Blooms look lovely in the vase, very pretty.
Three of my favourite plants epimedium, agastache, and salvias.
Bees love the last two very much.
Tks for dropping by.

Gail said...

Hello, You stopped by my blogsite a bit ago and I am just now getting over to see yours! I have been out of town...anyway...are your shooting star blooming now?


Barbara & Morris said...

Beautiful...I do miss the "green" that we don't have here in the desert.
Back East I had lots of Hosta...I asked the Nursery guy here if they had any when we first moved out west and he didn't know what I was talking about...heehehe
SAD Barbara...
I have grown to love the desert in a different way than the way I loved the "green"...such is life.
Fondly, B.

Teresa said...

Cheryl, Thank you, The vase is actually an old Fiesta ware pitcher!

Gail, no white shooting stars open yet but the purple ones, yes! i prefer the whites, myself.

Barbara, Ah yes, I would miss my greenery but I know the dessert is just lovely when in bloom. Besides you get all the nice warm weather when we are still turning on our heat!