Saturday, April 05, 2008

So Delicate

Oh my! I am so delighted when I see the plants which I have paid a pretty penny for, start to multiply. This is a clump of Double Sanguinaria, aka Bloodroot. Most online sites and gardening books say it grows East of the Rockies, which in fact may be it's native habitat, but you can see it also is happy here in my Seattle woodland garden.


ldybug said...

congrats! nothing like free plants.

sisah said...

I have seen these on the perennial´s market here in Berlin today, they are really lovely plants and I was really keen on them, but I am afraid nothing for the sandy soil in my garden.
Thanky for paying me in visit on my blog!
Have a nice GTS

No Rain said...

Never seen these before--probably because they won't grow in this heat! Happy GTS,

Garden Wise Guy said...

I was trying to find the appropriate place to respond to your question at my Garden Wise Guy blog. Portland rain - why, yes, you might say that. We arrived on Sunday and as we got off the light rail from the airport laden with our luggage and a mere 3 block walk to our hotel, what were we greeted by but a brief pummeling on hail/icy rain. Our hotel staff informed us that this was most unseasonable, but we loved it. Our Santa Barbara winter started wet, but has been rainless for a month, so we actually looked forward to a bit of rain.

It tapered off by Monday, then had sunny days through Thursday. Friday was a bit of on-and-off, then we were on the plane Saturday. Overall, it was a delightful vacation and I love the city. Mt. Hood and snow was a delight.