Friday, April 18, 2008


I do not believe it! I am listening to the 11:00 news and to my amazement there is, at this time, snow falling less than 30 minutes away from me; in Greenwood, Shoreline and Bellevue. Look at the lovely, late afternoon photos of my Asian Pear tree and the delicate apricot blooms of the rhodie. They do not need nor want SNOW and neither do I! Stepping into the backyard I see the moon is veiled in a layer of thin cloud. The air is clean, crisp and very cold. I am wearing smart wool socks and a velour robe and it is April. This is ridiculous!


Sara said...

Nothing says spring more than tulips and emerging perenials. I am homesick. I'm surprised it is so warm there. Is it an early spring?

Teresa said...

No, not at all early, in fact I think we're a couple weeks behind. And as the post says, snow was in today's forecast. It is 8:00 pm and only 39 degrees!