Thursday, April 03, 2008

Be Impressed

I am busy, busy busy, trying to get nit picky things done like have the car's oil changed, weed the path in my shade garden, shop for new jeans (remember I hate to shop unless it is for plants!) Anyway, I am not up for writing a post with any sort of substance so go to Poetry and Ideas for a well thought out post on the presidential candidates. Be prepared to be impressed. (Her bird photos are pretty nice too!) And for Pete's sake, leave the woman a comment!


Anonymous said...

We don't want to read the poetry....we want some juicy tidbits! Guess we will try another site!

Ok, just kidding...too much wine...from your sisters!

We really did like your most recent posts though...and we remember that book too.

Teresa said...

YOU TWO! It always took an enormous amount of energy to keep you under control! BTW what kind of wine are you drinking? Sela's party must be LOTS of fun!