Wednesday, December 31, 2008

2008 Everyday Heroes

Two of my favorite people in the whole world: my dad and mom, have been chosen as Everyday Heroes for 2008 by the Green Bay Press-Gazette, in the families and individuals category. In the photo, my parents are in an aisle of the St. Vincent De Paul Store. Dad is the volunteer president for the Green Bay Council of the Society St.Vincent De Paul. Mom volunteers in the store once a week. But wait that is not all they do; read my sister Lisa's letter of recommendation which she sent in to the GB Press Gazette:

Nominee: Our parents, Vincent and Virginia Rae Nicklas are everyday heroes.
Nominator: Lisa Rupiper, one of the Nicklas' five children.

Our dad, Vince, is the volunteer president for the St. Vincent De Paul Society.

He is always available to help the many people in need.

Over the past several years he has gone on house calls helping families, opened a new St. Vincent De Paul Christmas Store, worked in his church in many areas including the food pantry, distributing communion at the nursing homes among many other things. Just this year he accepted the position of volunteer president for St. Vincent De Paul, which also includes helping run the House of Hope.

This year he has had many health problems including cancer and kidney failure. He goes to dialysis three times a week and still makes time to commit to others in need. We believe that by helping others he is able to feel good and have such a positive outlook on life.

Our mom, Rae, also volunteers at St. Vincent De Paul and at Unity Hospice. She helps at the St. Vincent De Paul stores and at Unity she does some helping in the office and also sits with patients that need a companion. Another area she volunteers in is Meals on Wheels, she helps deliver meals to people in need. Over the years she also has volunteered at their church, distributing communion, teaching CCD, helping clean and much more. She also rings bells for Salvation Army.

While doing all of this she has been there for our dad to help him through his difficult times with his health.

Our parents have always volunteered ever since we can remember. What a super example they have shared with our families and everyone in the community.

Of all the 'Best Of...' lists that are in the news as we close out 2008, this one from Green Bay touches my heart and rings most true for me and my family. Mom and Dad, you deserve it!


verobirdie said...

Your parents are really heroes! You must be so proud of them.

Rosemary said...

What amazing parents you have!
My best to them both.Happy New Years to your whole family.

Barbara said...

What a nice tribute.
Keeping busy is the "key" to living a much happier life. Sitting around feeling sorry for yourself doesn't work towards a healthy outlook on life.
They have been a good role model for your family. THe kind and caring teacher you are makes you my "Great Everyday Hero".
Happy Happy New Year.
Enjoy your weekend...those kidos are waiting to see their hero on Monday:)
Fondly, B.

Mrs4444 said...

I read this story when it came out in the PG. How wonderful :)