Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Christmas is going...

from this:

to this:

in a big hurry. I saw my first unadorned tree at the curb while on my morning run today. Mine still glows in the corner of our living room but I think that Friday will be the day to dismantle it all and heave ho the red and green Rubbermaid boxes down and up again to store it all away till next November. Do you have holiday books you love? We have a box of them which we started collecting when HG was a little baby. The Peter Spiers book is wordless but chock full of minutia in the illustrations. You know what I mean; those many small details that make for glitter and glow as well as clutter and chaos during the holidays. Speaking of clutter, our week of snow is now very much behind us, leaving piles of sand mixed with dislodged Bott's dots along the roads, potholes in the roads, and grimy cars on the roads. I do miss the pristine white of the snow and the camaraderie it brought to even the most casual of greetings exchanged with other Seattlites when trudging through the icy streets. But I can do without the inconveniences of getting from point A to point B and the muddle of wet clothes, shoes and boots in our stairwell.

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