Sunday, December 07, 2008

Getting in the Spirit

I woke up Saturday at my usual workweek time of 5:10. I was volunteering as a shopper to help children in need as they went on a $100. shopping spree for clothes at Sears. This event is organized by the West Seattle Rotary and my oh my, they are certainly organized and very generous! There were children from my school at this event and I wanted to be in attendance to help. Our family support worker is new to our building this year and I felt that a familiar face (me) who knew the kids and their families might be useful. The kids go to Sears on a bus from their school. Once at Sears they are led into a conference room where winter coats are heaped on tables. They chose a coat, then they get their foot measured, then they are treated to breakfast and introduced to their 'shopper', the adult in charge of the gift card who escorts them through the store and helps them to make their clothing purchases (no toys). Once done getting clothes, they get their picture taken with Santa and choose a goodie bag that has a stuffed toy, books, crayons, and pencils and a tiny bit of candy inside. Then they sing Christmas songs, are served a pizza lunch, and board back onto the buses (the drivers donate their time too) and return to their school. The entire process reminds me of the story Polar Express. I left Sears feeling that I had received SO much more than I had given.

Winter is starting out pretty mild here in the Pacific Northwest. Yesterday I was able to cut back dead foliage and work on seed collection (see garden list on left). I also made cookie dough for cut out sugar cookies. As of last weekend, my Christmas tree is up and the mantle, garden window, and dining room table all reflect the spirit of Christmas. Chris put the string of red lights across the front of the house (LED now a days) and I strung white lights on the back deck rail.

Today I woke early to the smell of coffee, Chris was up and had set the pot a brewin'.
I drank 2 cups, read a bit in bed, then dressed for my run. I ran 7+ miles today which is my longest ever. Down,down down to Lincoln Park, along the water and UP,up,up to Shorewood, listening to my IPoD, not feeling pain of any sort, loving every mile. But when I got home I was plenty ready to shower, collapse, and read the newspaper.

I have spent several hours online today too. Shopping at Etsy and Amazon for Christmas gifts. Then of course there were the phone calls to connect with family in the Mid-west.

Constantly lingering at the edges of my mind is my daughter. She should be home now. I should have given her the welcome back kiss and the bear hug that are pent up in me. But her flight out of Rome was delayed, so we wait, anticipating our reunion tomorrow night. As you might imagine, I am on pins and needles until I hear her voice or see her smile.


Tanya Mau-Halsall said...

Sounds like a wonderful way to get in the spirit...So exciting to see Anna Rae too! Happy Holidays...

Lynn said...

Thanks for the update since life was too busy but fun to call!
Big snowstorm coming here..hoping for a snow day tomorrow, Yippee!