Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year!

Tonight I tried another new recipe: Risotto. I have read descriptions and seen photos of this creamy Italian rice dish and I was intrigued. So tonight, with help from directions on the box of rice from Trader Joe's I simmered and stirred, adding the hot stock a cup at a time and whisked in the cream and grated Parmesan at the very end. It was rich and creamy and well worth the 25 minutes of non-stop stirring.

It is not that photogenic of a dish but don't let looks deceive you. It is a comfort food that is perfect for winter. The shrimp skewers were incredibly easy; cleaning them before skewering is the only unpleasant part. I went the easy route and marintaed them in Tuscan Basil Salad dressing from Safeway for about half an hour before grilling. I made melted garlic butter and lemon dipping sauce. The wine was Honey Moon, a Viogner, also from Trader Joe's.

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Lynn said...

sounds yummy... I recall asking questions of you when I was making risotto a while back. It is a good comfort food. Ironically I just looked at a recipe in our newspaper for bacon/goat cheese risotto. It sounded interesting but different.