Saturday, December 13, 2008

She's Back

bearing gifts of Tunisian sweets
and a small Berber rug in off white with gazelles and fish woven in horizontal rows. You will need to use your imagination, I don't have a picture. Yes, our daughter arrived home on Monday and is gone again, but only for the week. She left this morning for Arizona to visit her boyfriend. Lucky girl to be going to Arizona, winter has decided to strike Seattle with a vengeance. Last night as we left Elliot Bay Brew Pub in Burien cold miserable sleet was coming down. They say it could snow tonight. Oh joy, I do not like the timing of this; tomorrow morning I join hoards of others in downtown Seattle for the Jingle Bell Run for the Arthritis Foundation. Maybe I will 'best' my time in an attempt to keep warm. I brought my pots of cilantro, chard and lettuce inside and made sure the hoses were disconnected and stored in the garden shed. Chris let some water out of the rain barrels in case they freeze and he brought the hummingbird feeder closer to the patio doors, under the shelter of the house's overhang. I cut out Christmas cookies today and I think I am done with my shopping. Doing a few things online really did help.


Rosemary said...

Those treats look yummy!

Teresa said...

They are, but none of them have chocolate! The baklava is made with pistachios not walnuts which is a bit different. The puffy diamond shaped ones have a dab of fig in the middle.