Thursday, December 18, 2008

And MORE Snow!

So yesterday the school district closed school and by the afternoon it was a balmy 39 degrees and the snow and ice from Saturday had melted. Lots of folks were grumbling about having a snow day with no snow. But I made the most of it; mixing up cookie dough, sending off Christmas cards, doing grocery shopping at Trader Joes to prepare for holiday meals and doing a little cleaning (how can 2 people create so much clutter?).

I went to bed fully expecting to go to work today. I woke up, jumped into my clothes for the Y and just as I was about to put on my running shoes, the husband hollers from the bedroom: "They just said NO school on the news!" I groaned, really I did. I was ready to have one more ordinary day in my classroom before Christmas. Just then there was a flash of lightning and I saw that what I had mistaken for fog was actually falling snow and it is still falling now although more lightly. The West Seattle bridge is closed in both directions and 520 traffic is at a standstill. So instead of going to the Y I went on a 5:30 am walk and snapped the photos in the slideshow. Who should I see on the streets at this early hour but Matt, our neighbor and fellow Y member. He was walking his border collies Sadie and Luca. We did the Shorewood walk together. At 10 months, Luca is still a pup. He loved to bite the snow as you kicked it up with your boots. It made walking an interesting challenge.

So today the kids will get their fill of snow play and I guess I will bake cookies and maybe take more pictures. I want to catch a close up of the hummingbird huddling on the extension cord for the light bulb which keeps the sugar water in the feeder from freezing. The husband is busy in his shop, painting away. This canvas is big, it will take him awhile.

And in the back of my mind I worry and wonder, "Will this blanket of white interfere with 'Honey Girl' and her friend Jesse arriving in Seattle tonight from Arizona?" I certainly hope not! Jesse you should bring boots if you have them!

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