Friday, December 19, 2008

They arrived....

safe and sound from Tuscon to Seattle at one AM this morning. The harrowing drive from our house to the airport was not as harrowing as we had imagined. Chris went to pick them up I stayed behind trying to sleep but not really successful. It would have been worse to have me along gasping at every slick patch on the roads. Chris said that once out of our neighborhood driving was quite easy, mostly because traffic was very light. I need not say that this is NOT the Seattle we expected to be showing Jesse. I was thinking more of low tide beach walks instead of throwing snowballs in the backyard. (See pictures in the updated slide show below.)
Today they went to the Pike Place Market. In fact, Chris is picking them up now and we will then go to our monthly wine tasting here in West Seattle. Washington Reds tonight!

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Anonymous said...


We were anxious to see that they made it.
ENJOY every minute.