Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Chrismas from Seattle
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The white stuff is still on the ground and the rain has returned. The streets are an awful mess of sand and slippery slush. Maybe tomorrow I will be able to run! Speaking of running: I came in #4 of 138 in my age group in the Dec. 14 Jingle Bell Run! My time was 25:26.

I am happy with my gifts of a scarf and bowls from Tunisia; one woven and one ceramic. The 'honey girl' is sipping her Solstice Tea as she computes on the couch and tries out her new web cam. The DH just heated his last cup of coffee in the microwave before he heads downstairs to shave. He has his new red Tunisian cap perched on his cranium (makes him look like he should be on Little Mosque on the Prairie). I too am on the last cup of coffee. Time to check out the directions for cooking the tri-tips and the recipe for the gnnochi. Kornowskes will be here at noon. Maybe I will convince everyone to play dominoes after dinner.

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