Saturday, December 20, 2008

Still Freezing

I stood in line at the post office to mail two final gifts (the line was to the door) while the 'other three' went to Target to buy batteries and a few other essentials. They met with lines there too. Then we trudged over to Hollywood Video to stock up on dvds that we might possibly watch if the power stays intact. The Westwood parking lot was insane. We saw one of those humongous pick up trucks bully it's way into the parking lot and hit a car which was waiting to get out. The plan was to eat lunch in
'the Junction'. We ate at Jaks, from their scrumptious brunch menu. I had their egg scramble with steak, mushrooms, and spinach and a huge biscuit with honey. It was a 'stick to your ribs' kind of meal. The plan was to head on over to SAM to see the Hopper exhibit. As we left Jaks I looked up at the pearly grey winter skies and walked with a crunch, crunch, crunch through yet another icy parking lot. When I saw someone I knew as we walked to our car and she heard of our plans, her eyes got big and she said her family had just returned from downtown and traffic was super thick and slow going.
As much as I hated to nix our plans I had to agree with Chris, staying home would be the wisest choice. I am the worrier and visions of accidents such as this one from yesterday crowd my head:

-from Seattle Times

So here we are snuggled on the couch with computers warming our laps , books in hand and basketball on the TV. Outside it has begun to snow and the thermometer reads 25. I wonder how much snow we will get THIS time. Time to open that puzzle box.


Troy Parker Farr said...

Teresa: I love art museums too, but going home was a wise choice. I haven't posted to Poetry & Ideas for two or three months, but I intend to go back and finish the story of Nellie the Night Heron. Thanks for jogging my elbow! I hope you have a splendid, happy Christmas, and that the power stays on. Troy

Rosemary said...

Snuggling up inside is exactly what we have been doing as it is snowing and snowing here. Merry Christmas to you.

Barbara said...

Those free ways don't look good.
We have had lots of rain for all your snow... I don't like grey skies..
Has been clear the last few days..but cold nights.
Have a very Merry Christmas and enjoy your can't beat visits from the kids.
Fondly, B.

Tanya Mau-Halsall said...

That is a crazy picture! Wow! I can't believe it's been snowing so much in Seattle! Wish I could play in the snow! (oh, and Chase too!)