Thursday, March 19, 2015

1232 Miles as of this morning.

We left Cambria at about nine this morning after a breakfast of fruit and cheese toast fixed by Don our Air BnB host in Cambria. He picked up Jack, the pup, to be included in the photo at my insistence. The cape cod chintz and Thomas Kincaid decor were not my style but Jack was a most loquacious host and his pup was silent and sweet as could be. 

We took our time, back tracking a bit to go see (but skipped the tour) Hearst Castle. The state park actually has a very good, small museum with some artifacts, memorabilia, and photos from the Hearst estate. That was sufficient for us.

Then we stopped at Moonstone Bay to enjoy a short shoreline walk on the boardwalk,

and watched the cormorants sun themselves.

Once in San Luis Obispo we found a Travelodge that had a room for less than $60. a night! After unloading our luggage we ate a short lunch consisting of 'cooler food' that we had on hand. I whipped up a lettuce salad with smoked trout and feta cheese and carrots from San Rafael's Farmers' Market. That, along with a beer was plenty. Next on my list of needs was a 'run'. I hunted around on the internet and found the Bob Jones City to Sea Trail and set out to find it. I took a wrong turn or two and asked directions twice but persisting paid off. It was a glorious 5, almost 6 mile run. Once I got to Avila Beach I ran out on the LONG pier so I am pretty sure it was 6 miles. I did not take my camera but I must say that Avila Beach is very impressive. It is the perfect small beach community for a vacation: I saw people walking around with ice cream cones and fishing poles, a surf school, lots of room to spread out on the beach, a beautiful golf course, a nearby bird sanctuary, and  plenty of  trails for hiking and biking. I am putting this place on my 'wish list' of place to revisit! After a much needed shower we both walked into downtown San Luis Obispo to see the Thursday night Farmers' Market. It was huge and the aroma of fantastic food (mainly bbq) and the sound of rain barrel music filled the air.  

Through the open windows I hear frogs, and people having lots of fun singing in a nearby bar (karaoke possibly). But by time it is 'lights out' I think I won't be bothered at all. We may not have put many miles in on the car but I sure walked and ran enough to feel worn out!

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