Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Touristing Without a Smart Phone

Touristing without an iphone can be done. We are living proof that paper maps  and being humble enough to ask directions work just fine. Plus, we used only the muni system of buses, streetcars, and trolleys. $2.25 bus rides are a whole sight cheaper than Seattle's $2.75 and there is no such thing as a higher peak time fare. We did have to get creative though. During lunch at Sabella & La Torre we had wifi and Chris used his ipad to figure out the bus route and then he took a picture of the ipad screen with his camera. Convoluted, yes, but hey, it got us back to the Sunset neighborhood without error. Lunch at Sabella & La Torre was delicious and the wait staff was incredibly helpful and polite. It was some of the best service I have ever had. It is right on Fisherman's Wharf and you can order the food to go on the street side but we opted to go into the restaurant. I had a  dungeness crab half sandwich and a cup of sandwich, both which were very tasty. The chowder is almost as good as what you get at the Post Alley Chowder House in Seattle. It's late, and I am one tired tourist so here are the pictures to sum up the day:

First stop was the Mark Hopkins Hotel where Chris' mom was an elevator girl in 1946. If the Top of The Mark had been open we would have gone to there.

Next stop was to the crookedest street in city; Lombard. I think it has 17 curves in one block. The rest of it is very straight.

Photo from top of the curvy block of Lombard. I sure would hate to live on this block. the tourists yacking all day and the cars going down and screeching tires when they do not know how to take the curves. Yikes! I wonder who pays millions to live on this block.

End of the line for the cable cars...and who do you see talking with the operators? Yup, that's Chris. Maybe he isn't ready to retire!

The Cannery on Fisherman's Wharf

Next stop, Coit Tower.

Photo of Golden Gate from Coit Tower

Looking up into the brilliant sky at the top of Coit Tower

Stairs inside Coit Tower

3 photos taken from top of Coit Tower

WPA murals line the  inside ground level of Coit Tower

Sunset neighborhood where we are staying;  I love the jellybean colors of the houses. I would miss my yard but these houses look so tidy set up side by side.

I am amazed at how huge some plants are; like these geraniums.

These sedums are outside the apartment we are renting. Aren't they amazing?

I went for a run in the sunset neighborhood tonight and it was fabulous. The neighborhood is all on a grid system and there was only one street light in the 4 to 5 mile run, every other intersection was 4 way stops which are much easier to safely negotiate as a runner. I did not take my camera but I must share the link to the stairs that I ran. They are all in beautiful mosaic and if you are lucky enough to be there on a sunny day, the view of the Sunset neighborhood and the ocean is stunning from the top. Then after a light dinner we went to this funky, rather rustic bar called The Riptide and I ordered an Irish milkshake which was SO yummy. We met a very interesting young couple from Spain and talked travel, cultures and politics for an hour. 

The wall of clean mirrors in the bedroom of our apartment inspired this selfie. Nighty night everyone!

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