Friday, March 13, 2015

A Gap Day

Today was a gap day in our road trip. To start off our day we took a walk/run along toward Clam Beach, lots of other runners and walkers were out on the trail. I passed some magnificent horse ranches right on the bluff above the beach. Lots of pastures were filled with daffodils. They must not taste good because horses chomped grass all around them, leaving the daffodils to grow freely.  Pussy willows were blooming on tall bushes along the trail reminding me of teaching the 'Pussy Willow' poem by Aileen Fischer to so many kindergarteners.  Then after breakfast we took Irene, our hostess' suggestion and took the scenic drive between Trinadad and Westhaven-Moonstone Beach. Breathtaking views at every turn of the narrow, sometimes rugged road, that ran along the bluff. Lunch at Los Bagels in the laid back hippie town of Arcata ended a perfect spring day in Humboldt County.

Houda Cove

Surfers ar Luffenholz Beach County Park
Geese Nesting
Icicle Plants blooming

Moonstone Beach

Lighthouse Replica in Trinidad

At Los Bagels in Arcata

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AnnaRae said...

Looks like a beautiful day and a very tasty bagel! Mike has a t-shirt from Los Bagels that he wears pretty often-- I bet you'd recognize it.