Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Time for Cruise Control

Sometime during the five hours between Joshua Tree, Ca and Las Vegas, NV our trip mileage surpassed 2000 and since most of the travel time was spent on roads like this:

It was time for cruise control. Then we pulled out the road atlas because the desert became just too much for the navigation system:


Driving is so much fun on roads like this!

A chloride mining company was the only business we saw for miles and miles. All the lakes in this area were labeled 'dry lakes' on the map and that was certainly accurate as there was not a drop of water in sight.

When Chris took the wheel I read him a short story I had on my Kindle; Loving Las Vegas by Colson Whitehead. Here is a quote that I embrace: " Forget Hollywood images of Las Vegas glamor, the city at base is nothing but a desert Disneyland." He does go on to say "And what's wrong with Disneyland?" But for me the image is cemented in the words "desert Disneyland".

Yesterday we hiked in Joshua Tree and tonight we stroll the Las Vegas strip.

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