Saturday, March 28, 2015

Enchanted to be Here

I think I'll start this with some free association:
Pink rocks, mesas, pink highways, fast trucks, so many trucks, gas in Gallup $2.17, loud trains, long trains, trading posts here, trading posts there, trading posts everywhere, tumble weeds and dust devils, alligator skin and dried out eyes. Crossed the continental divide and state lines. Land of Enchantment here we are!

Couldn't help but stop to see one more gem by architect Mary Colter, this one in Winslow, AZ (and yes, the lyrics "Standing on a corner in Winslow, Arizona" have been my ear worm all day long!
The photos below are of La Posada Hotel.

It is an elegant hotel filled with historic pieces, Native American arts and crafts, and just perfectly lovely in every detail.

The hotel is now owned by Alfred Affeldt and his wife Tina Mion, a world renowned artist. I had not heard of her before today. Her work is very arresting. She has a studio and gallery space at La Posada. You can see Tina Mion's work here.

Although this is not it, La Posada is in possession of the world's largest Navajo rug. The least expensive Navajo weaving that I saw was a table runner for $95. and it was only about 4 feet long. I can't imagine what the one on this wall costs! I don't think I will be buying any on this trip!

And for a totally Route 66 experience, how about the Wigwam Motel in Hobrook, AZ?

Tonight we are in this 1930's motel in Santa Fe, NM, El Rey Inn. It's pretty cozy, and full of charm. We made it here in time to watch the second half of the basketball game; the Badgers are heading to the final four!

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