Wednesday, March 11, 2015

388 Miles

Yes, we have a navigation system in our car but I like the 'big picture', so this map is the one that has been on our dining room table almost daily in the month leading up to today, the day of departure. We actually left close to our intended time of 9:00am and that ended up being perfect for avoiding traffic congestion between Seattle and Tacoma. It was rainy, it was gray, but we were 'on the road'. We saw the green of spring pastures, sheep and lambs, an egret in a stream, clouds of cherry blossoms on trees along the river in Portland,  daffodils in clusters growing wild, roadside trees glowing with light green moss, and all was good. In fact, we thought maybe we saw a bit of sun on the horizon so at Eugene, we took 126 over to the coast to Florence thinking of the sand dunes, the ocean and maybe some sun. But no, more grayness, even harder rain and only a few glimpses of the magnificent dunes. So 388 miles and 8 hours later, here we are in North Bend, Or. at a Quality Inn, where Chris was able to assert his senior status and take the AARP discount.  

 The bridge into North Bend, Or


Today I will have to be content with looking at the lighthouse picture above our hotel.  Some fair weather  day we should return to visit the Umpqua Lighthouse. The Oregon coast has so much to see....when it isn't wet and grey.

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