Sunday, March 22, 2015

Deeper into the Desert

The odometer read 1584.3 miles as we pulled away from Pasadena and the hospitality of friends and their entertaining dogs, Nina and Melvin.

Melvin sure can do the 'downward dog'. 

I didn't think the air could get any drier but as we headed east it did. A sandy haze covered the landscape in the morning. And yes, that is snow in the hills outside of Palm Springs!

"Caliente", SI but "Tropics" NO. This is most definitely the desert!

Since there is no use competing with March Madness, I headed to the poolside and Chris watched basketball.

I went for a walk at sunset and  although the road I was walking on was noisy with traffic, the view towards the hills was peaceful. When the sun goes down it is so comfortable outside, I would become more of a night owl if I lived here. 

In the driest, most neglected nook and cranny I found these surprising blooms! 

Look at the length of those thorns!

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