Friday, March 27, 2015

Grander than Grand

We heard people rolling around, taking showers and heading out of their rooms as early as 2:30 this morning. We were eager, but not THAT ambitious! We hit the road for the Grand Canyon at about 8:30. 

Then what a nice surprise! Age 62 qualifies you for a $10. Senior Pass that gets you into any National Park in the country.  (Thank goodness I married an older man!)

We entered via the east entrance of the park and our first stop was to this Historic Watchtower which was designed by architect Mary Colter in 1930. Imagine that, 1930, and a woman architect designed this! How come we never heard about women architects when I was in school? 

Photo taken of us on the Bright Angel Trail. We did not do the entire trail down, we saved energy to walk more of the rim trail. 

Below you see the Colorado River from Hopi Point. 

It takes 40 years for a tree to grow one foot at this altitude.

Here I am, all zen like at Powell Point. I have more photos in a Flickr Album.

We saw deer hiding in the shade as we drove through the park. By far the most exciting wildlife sighting was 2 condors at at the top of a tree. A forest service truck was stopped and taking note of them too. Did you know that condors are the only animal brought back from extinction and now all condors are tagged and have names. Every condor alive is known by a name and number. Tomorrow will probably be our longest day of driving. Our goal is to make it to Santa Fe, N.M. 6 hours away, not including breaks! 

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AnnaRae said...

I love the picture of you on the ledge! And that tower is pretty cool-- nuts that a woman designed it.