Thursday, March 26, 2015

Navajo Country

As predicted, it was a LONG, 6 hour day on the road! We crossed a state line and a time zone.  I have books, crocheting, and podcasts to entertain me when I am not the driver  but  mostly I just want to gaze out the window. The scenery is so different from home, I just want to soak it all in. We didn't stop to sight see today, these 4 photos were taken from my window where Hwy. 93 cuts through Lake Mead National Recreation Area.

We share the drive time close to 50/50, with Chris doing a little more than me; especially if it is inside of a bigger city. This is the Painted Desert, taken from the car window as we approached Cameron, AZ.

This suspension bridge, which is behind the Cameron Trading Post Lodge was built over the Little Colorado River  in 1911. It is no longer drivable, it is kept just for show. If you look closely you can see the concrete bridge running parallel to the old bridge.

Cameron Trading Post is where we will be for two nights. I can't figure out if it is ON a reservation or just across the street from one. But it is the only gig in town; there is nothing else. The gift store is huge, the restaurant has good ratings, there's an art gallery and gas pumps. The big draw is the proximity to the east entrance of Grand Canyon.  As I understand it there are frequent shuttles to the south rim trail. That's our plan for tomorrow.  But now we are relaxing in our room with our libations of preference; licorice spice tea for me and bourbon for Chris. Only one complaint; the water here has a salty taste. Next time I'll use bottled water for my tea. Chris is losing his 'chill'. He just just told me, "You don't know stress like us sports fans." as Wisconsin has fallen behind North Carolina in the second half (9min 30sec  to go).

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