Monday, March 16, 2015

In 'The City'

First stop this morning was Sausalito. Think houseboats, sailboats, galleries, and tourists and a lovely view of the City. You do NOT call it San Francisco or San Fran ('cringe') when in the Bay area it is 'The City'. If only that darned yacht weren't blocking the view!

On the shore in Sausalito this Great Blue Heron was patiently posing for several photographers.

No words necessary.

Conservatory in Golden Gate Park

Keith Haring's 3 Dancing Figures sculpture...wait a minute, I see four! This is in front of the deYoung Museum which was certainly not here when I lived in the City in 1974!

Clamshell, Golden Gate Park; this I recognize but I still feel disoriented.

The Japanese Gardens were as beautiful as I had remembered. 

I let Chris know that I wanted him to trim our boxwood at home to look like this.

The Haight looked a bit less scruffy around the edges but I could see that the weed smokin', tie dye crowd still predominated.

Literally two blocks away  from this market there is now a Whole Foods!

Our Flip Key rental apartment is in the Sunset neighborhood and is the definition of immaculate. The kitchen is very well furnished too and they left us a bottle of wine ($3. Chuck) and fruit in the fruit bowl. But, the feng shi is all off. They have a big screen TV but the couch does not face it AND the couch is quite hard which is why, when we arrived, I thought a run to the beach was much more fun than sitting around.

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